Refrigeration AI


Grocery Retailers

Stop Product Loss Cold

Lizard Monitoring places small battery powered sensors directly where the food is that measure air temperature and other environmental factors.  This data is sent to the cloud in real-time and the product temperature is mathematically derived and current product exposure is calculated.  AI simultaneously predicts if the exposure will exceed the trigger limit and requests attention.  Customers use a variety of methods to receive messages but the goal is to quickly figure out what the problem is and what action should be taken.

Food Safety Requires Complete Traceability

Every exposure event has an owner, its cause, how it was resolved, and any food safety procedures that we enacted to protect products. We can even guide your people through the process and allow real-time direct measurements to be added to the exposure modeling in real-time.  This is simple for in-store staff to do, primarily because the software is designed like a consumer app, and the AI suppresses notifications you don’t need to act on.   This allows total tracking of any product in any store at any time.  Trend reporting and research tools enable continuous improvement based on what is happening in your stores near and far.

Hospitals and Pharmacies

100% Calibrated Accuracy, Always Online

Our sensors are 100% silicon devices that have NIST calibration certificates.  You don’t need to calibrate them periodically like the old thermistor-type electronic sensors required.  If your policy requires sensors calibration, we will send you new small sensing heads to swap them.

Regulation Compliance Made Simple

You can replace your old-style refrigeration monitoring for a modern equivalent, that’s always online from any device, and typically a lot less expensive.

Product In Transit

Track Your Product, Not Trucks and Warehouses

Enjoy real-time tracking of individual pallets from source to destination by attaching small battery-powered sensors to your shipments. Observe real-time location, temperature, and humidity, and even see if it was dropped or mishandled.  Of course, we are leveraging all of our AI knowledge from facility sensors and don’t notify you unless something is wrong.  

Share Your Product's Journey for Full Traceability

Ensure you are delivering the highest quality products to your customers by sharing all of the travel data with them for transparency and traceability.  Properly refrigerated food is safer and fresher.  Demand a premium with a complete audit trail showing product quality.