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Reduce Product Waste to Zero

Measure, Predict, Audit, Know

Food Retail

Allow in-store teams to take ownership of food safety and zero food waste goals


24x7 electronic environmental records make sure you are in compliance and prevent loss


Monitor products on their entire journey and receive real-time tracking

Retail Food Safety Challenges

Product Loss Impacting Profitability

Retailers lose a percentage of perishable goods each year due to refrigeration failure. Due to the volume of products in inventory, this significantly impacts profitability and creates food waste.

Lack of a Comprehensive Product Safety Audit Trial

Product temperatures outside the food safety limits are often not caught. Actions to insure safety are not consistently documented. Consistency in implementing a standard operating procedure between stores and regions can be difficult to centrally track and enforce.

Primary Causes

Retailer feedback consistently highlights four issues:

Existing systems send too many alarms to be effective.

Associates start to ignore alarms that come from simple rule-based alarm systems when lots of false alarms are sent. We use AI to understand what events require a notification, reducing alarms by up to 95%

Retailers need a solution that covers all refrigerated assets.

Even if the control system and/or other alarming is used, Many assets are not covered: For example stand-alone refrigeration in the pharmacy, around the store edges, third-party end-caps, delivery or pick-up staging, etc. We use simple-to-deploy battery powered wireless sensors to collect data from any case.

Current systems do not advise how bad the problem is or how to fix it.

The refrigeration control systems are designed to be used by refrigeration technicians, not contact center or in-store staff. They are not sophisticated enough to discern the severity of a problem and clearly communicate what to do in real-time. We optionally collect data from control systems to help understand what's wrong and advise customers what to do.

The audit trail process is incomplete and prone to error.

Without exact records of the severity of temperature events and exactly what action was taken, by whom, and when, leaves questions surrounding product safety. We track down an owner for each event, track its severity, and require a resolution from a customer defined standard operating procedure.


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How We Stop Product Loss

Based on industry feedback, we created inexpensive battery-powered sensors that can be deployed in seconds, last for years, and securely send data to the cloud where AI can predict and filter out what’s important to act on.  We also created a simple UI that’s used by staff in stores and monitoring centers.  Finally, we added plenty of reporting and research tools for management.  This gives complete coverage of all assets with an event ownership-based process and audit trail that keeps the product safe.

Secure Data Collection


Unbounded AI Power in the Cloud

Predict, Notify, Advise

Fast AI Predictions of Real Problems

Stores / call centers have more time to react, noncritical issues don’t create notifications.

Trusted Advisor

Sensor array data and Integration with control systems allows AI to detect root causes of problems, allows preventative maintenance.

Automated Audit Trail

Events have owners, follow SOPs, guarantee product safety. This informs future predictions.

24x7 Proactive Support

Our staff works with stores to ensure everything is working and the latest advances are being leveraged. It’s about people.