Refrigeration AI

About Us

Our Story

Lizard Monitoring started when one of the founders suffered a severe case of food poisoning from items purchased at a reputable grocery store while on an extended business trip.  While researching how this can happen he found out that refrigeration records were often taken by hand at retailers and stored on clipboards at irregular intervals. There had to be a better way than this, so he called two friends, and Lizard Monitoring was born.

Since those early days, our sensors and services have evolved significantly.  We introduced cloud-based product temperature calculations, alerting based on exposure, deployed alert settings with tags for consistency at scale, AI alert predictions and irrelevant notification suppression, robust reporting, and research tools at scale, tracking of all user activities, photos of sensor placement and equipment asset tags, in-app messaging, and much more.

We would like to thank our customers who enabled us to build what we think is the best solution for food and pharmaceutical safety on the market.

Our Team

We have grown to dozens of employees from Hyderabad India, Sheffield England, Silicon Valley California, and Portland Oregon.  Our team takes pride in empowering our customers to eliminate foodborne illness while driving food waste to zero.

Our Founders

Lizard’s founders have nearly 100 years of combined technology, management, and business experience with a focus on semiconductors, wireless systems, and software as a service.  We bring every bit of it to prevent pathogen growth in food and wasteful, unnecessary food loss in the entire complex cold chain.