Refrigeration AI


Global Retailer

A global on-line and physical retailer uses Lizard Monitoring in multiple business units to insure food and perishable goods customers receive are 100% safe from pathogen growth due to refrigeration failure

Delivery Pioneer

This food delivery pioneer embraced Lizard Monitoring to assist with food safety while ensuring customers had food security during the pandemic.

New Seasons Markets

New Seasons leverages Lizard Monitoring for 100% asset coverage at every store in its portfolio of innovative fresh food supermarkets across Oregon and Washington state.

Foxtrot Markets

Foxtrot is a fast growing convenience and fresh food market. They have dozens of stores in Chicago, the DC metro area, Austin and Dallas.

New Leaf Markets

New Leaf Markets serves the greater Santa Cruz CA peninsula from Aptos to Half Moon Bay with fresh in-store made foods, delicious coffee and Juice bars as well as the favorites you expect.

Clark's Markets

Clark's Markets serves the greater Rocky Mountains from Sedona to Denver and a verity of ski destinations in between with fresh food including artisan breads and cheeses, fresh pizzas and more.


Specialty Food Producers

Specialty & Natural Food Retailers

Basics Markets